Master Your Golf Swing Technique And Blow Away Your Golfing Buddies

As an amateur golfer, you try to imitate golfers who have great golf swings but what you don’t realize is that they were not born with these skills, these skills were developed over a period of time. So do not believe that by copying these people will someday make you like one of them. The more you try to imitate these golfers the more mistakes you will make. The moral of this story is to learn how to play your own game.

You may be thinking how do I master my golf swing if I don’t follow the best? The simple answer is practice. Your body and physical strength or body movements are completely different from one person to the next. You have got to do what your body is capable of. If you are new to the game get professional help and iron out the mistakes early on and learn the basics. Watch some instructional videos; because you can go back over and over to get the golf swing right. The videos operate like a mentor it is as if you got a mentoring buddy by your side. Every successful person had a mentor during their progressive years, sportsmen and women are no exception.

golf hamburg

You have to put the time and effort into your golf game to get the results you want. As an amateur you either have a job or a business, and you may be wondering how do I find the time, that’s just it you must find the time because playing sport has its rewards in numerous ways, it teaches you to be competitive, physically and mentally fit which all bodes well for your life, your very existence depends on you being healthy and happy and this is what an outdoor sport like golf gives. You are out in the sun so you top up your vitamins, you enjoy the exhilarating company of your playing buddies, friends and partners and above all enjoy the game which becomes addictive and you want more. Given the limited practice time, you have to maximize each session.

Down on the golf range, you may see a lot of people practicing by hitting buckets and buckets of balls but then what happens? Practically nothing, the actual game is down to putting the little white ball into the hole. As this is the ultimate plan you should be spending more time on your short game because this is really where it counts in the game of golf. Learn the art of chip and pitch, chip from every conceivable angle since the ball may sometimes land in the bunker, practice shots from there as well. Your aim is to avoid a bogey or even a double bogey. A study shows that 50% of golfers will have to make their shots from 75 yards or less from the hole. It is vital that you practice putting shots at this distance and less.

Your wedge play is another important aspect that players ignore; this type of play can set a birdie putt so spend a lot of time practicing. You are aiming to become a better golfer and reduce your handicap and when this happens to feel the thrill and excitement and joy this evokes, breath it feels it enjoy it, there is nothing more exciting than improving whatever you do in life and golf is one of those addictive past times that brings the most pleasure. Hit as many balls from 40 to 135 yards. This club may be shorter than what you use for long-distance but the principle is the same.

Your short game is as vital as or more so than other parts, you can use certain tools to improve your short game, use golf gloves to ensure you are holding the club properly because how you hold it also affects where the ball is going to travel. Try these tactics to further improve your short game. Try hitting the ball with your club only using one hand, hitting the ball with your eyes closed and drawing a chalk line to make sure that when you hit the golf ball it is moving in a straight line.

Attitude is so important in life in general, have the wrong attitude in life and you can be sure that you will live a miserable unfulfilled life and lose friends and family at a brisk rate. You cannot buy attitude from the golf store, they don’t stock it or even learn it from a professional. Confidence is a significant factor. If you have doubts that the ball will not go in the hole, chances are it won’t. Your thoughts must be positive, when you putt picture in your mind the complete process of the golf ball traveling towards the hole and see it dropping, nothing else must be in your mind. All successful athletes picture the outcome of the event. A hundred meters sprinter looks down his lane and pictures himself hitting the tape in front of all others; this picture is in his mind when he leaves the blocks. They don’t leave things to chance they make it happen and like you, they have reached this stage by practice, practice, practice, and more practice. An excellent website that provides information on golf is Golf Hamburg. Visit their website for more information.

Fast-Track You’re Top 10 Golfers in the World

Steven Stricker is an American professional golfer born on February 23, 1967. He has ranked as high as No. 2 in the Official World Golf Rankings. He is best known for his exceptional putting touch along with his simple and smooth stroke.

Luke Campbell Donald as an English Golfer born on 7th December 1977. He mostly plays U.S. based PGA Tour but, is also a member of the European Tour. He reached the top ten in the Official World Golf Rankings for the first time in his career in 2006. For a short period of time, he was the highest-ranked European Golfer. He reached the highest position of his career in February 2011 by winning WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

Martin Kaymer a professional German Golfer was born on 28th December 1984. He recently gained the No.1 spot in the Official Golf Ranking. He bagged the title on 27th February 2011 after his performance in the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship. He was born in Düsseldorf, Germany. This member of the European tour turned professional in the year 2005. He is only second German to win the 2010 PGA Championship after Bernhard Langer.

Lee John Westwood, born on 24th April 1973 is an English professional golfer. He held the No.1 title from 31st October 2010 till 26th February 2011. He has won tournaments on almost every major continent which includes victories on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. Very few golfers have been able to achieve that. He has been representing Europe in the Ryder Cups for the last seven years. From the year 1998 to 2001, he has always been in the top 10 spots of the official World Rankings.

Graeme McDowell is a Professional Northern Irish Golfer born on 30th July 1979. He has won six events on the European Tour, including 2010 U.S. Open, his first win on the PGA Tour. He represented Ireland in the World Cup and has been a member of the European Ryder Cup team. He had a successful amateur career in Ireland as well as in United Stated before turning professional, where he won many tournaments and was recognized as the most outstanding collegiate golfer in 2002. He has represented Ireland internationally.

champion golden trophy on wood table with Golf clubs and golf ball

ldrick Tont Woods a.k.a. Tiger Woods is an American Professional Golfer born in December 30, 1975. This formerly World No.1 Golfer is the highest-paid professional athlete in the world, having earned around 90 million from his winning in the year 2010. He has won 14 professional golf championships, which is the second-highest of any male player. The highest is by Jack Nicklaus who leads with 18. Woods has been awarded PGA Player of the Year for a record ten times. He announced he would take an indefinite leave from professional golfing, to concentrate on his marriage. Many media sources revealed his multiple infidelities by over a dozen women.

Philip Alfred Mickelson is an American professional golfer born on 16th June 1970. He has won four major championships and a total of 38 events on the PGA Tour. He reached a career-high ranking of 2nd place multiple years. Although he is a right-handed golfer, he is nicknamed as “Lefty” because of his popular left-handed swing. As per Fortune magazine, his 2207 income was over 51 million dollars, the majority of which was earned through endorsements.

Paul Alexander Casey is an English golfer born on 21st July 1977. He is a member of the U.S. based PGA Tour and the European Tour. His highest World Golf Ranking was third which he achieved in the year 2009. He started his professional career in 2000, prior to which he was a successful amateur career.

Rory McIlroy, born on 4th May 1989 is a professional golfer from Northern Ireland. As an amateur and professional he has represented Ireland. He had a successful amateur career, topping the World Amateur Golf Ranking for one week as a 17-year-old in 2007. IN the year 2007 only he turned professional and established himself on the European Tour. His first win on the European Tour and PGA Tour was in the years 2009 and 2010 respectively. He has featured in the top ten of the Official World Golf Rankings and represented Europe in the Ryder Cup.

Matthew Gregory Kuchar is an American professional golfer born on June 21, 1978. He has played on both the PGA Tour and the Nationwide Tour. He was born in Florida and graduated from Georgia Tech. In 1997, he won the U.S. Amateur.IN 1998 he received the Fred Haskins Award as the nation’s top collegiate golfer. HE turned profession in the year 2000. PGA Tour professional Bryce Molder was one of Kuchar’s teammates at Georgia Tech.

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Tips To Arrange A Perfect Birthday Party For Children in Hamburg

On the off chance that you have seen your child’s inclination, you should have understood that kids hold up all-the year to commend their birthday party. Indeed, even they are more energized than us to arrange a birthday party and appreciate with companions. As children hold up all year to praise their enormous days, and with one of these stunning gathering subjects, they’re certain to have the greatest days ever. The few ideal themes for children’s birthday party ranges from to sparkle, sprinkles, strawberries, and lemonade to princess slams of each assortment to kid impeccable soirees highlighting insane lab rats, privateers, ninjas, and even development cones, you need to gather together the best topics for the visitor of respect. What’s more, as guardians it comes in your commitment to satisfy your kids’ fantasy.

Despite the fact that you have so many thoughts thus much pre-arranged about your little one’s birthday party, yet it when comes to celebrate in Hamburg, fortunately, there are various lovely areas which will twofold your bliss and makes your gathering impeccable. Aside from that, there are numerous birthday coordinator and ideal scenes for your child’s unique day in Hamburg. In the event that you need to set up your uncommon birthday party in Hamburg for your child, you need only a rundown of the best organizer and flawless settings.

Children’s Birthday Hamburg – As a matter of fact, satisfying children isn’t too troublesome. They’re simply prepared for cake, give and time companions. So in case you’re searching for some approaches to praise your Childs birthday party in Hamburg, underneath are a couple of thoughts to impact that day.

children's birthday hamburg

1) Choose the Perfect Venue

On the off chance that your house is on the little side, or if its design isn’t helpful for a number of children, you may feel constrained to lease a space. What’s more, truly, it is the right decision as lease space incorporates various exercises that include more diversion for kids in the gathering. Aside from that, you don’t need to stress over setup, cleanup, or giving stimulation to your visitors as every one of the game plans will be superbly done by coordinators in Hamburg. In Hamburg, every one of the settings will compose exceptional exercises for kids, for example, Kiddie Gyms, Arts and Craft Centers, exhibition halls, and so on. You will be offered an assortment of bundles and you can pick the best one for you as per your financial plan.

2) Birthday Party Food

Without food, the birthday party is simply deficient. In reality, the lunch or supper on a birthday assumes an indispensable job as everybody is holding up to have astounding sustenance in the wake of cutting the cake. You can pick a few sorts of cakes which particularly like the youngsters and furthermore welcome them with chocolates. Also, you need to deal with the dishes you will choose. You can pick any plate however the right path is to allow to coordinators in Hamburg, they will get a right plate for you, which stunned the whole visitor over yonder. One essential thing to recall is to offer pastry. As toward the finish of the capacity, a sweet is important to offer to improve them.

3) Birthday Party Bags

Gathering sacks run the range from little packs of sweets to expansive, overstuffed packs loaded up with customized tokens and toys. In that capacity, the expense fluctuates enormously. Furthermore, the most astonishing thing is that you can give kids as an arrival blessing and truly, it is the gleaming plan to return something fascinating that they extremely like. You can incorporate a couple of treats things, air pockets, and stickers, little toys, and props, including redid trap playing cards. This everything left a major grin on child’s countenances and additionally, guardians will likewise amaze. Your organizers in Hamburg can enable you to out for this arrival blessing in the event that you need to require help from those for return blessing thoughts.

4) E-Sports

Yes, you can arrange e-sports for your kids as it will just be like a strawberry on cake. Children these days are attracted to the latest technology and if it can be arranged for them then yes it is just wonderful. There are so many e-sports that can children enjoy and but here at the party, they can enjoy themselves with their friends.

If you are planning a perfect birthday party in Hamburg for your kids, you can contact the Golf Lounge. We are organized many events and we have experience of a couple of years that gives master planning. For more information Christmas Party Hamburg

Hamburg Towers x Golf Lounge

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Golf Downswing Tips to Achieve a Better Golf Swing

The golf downswing is a complex movement to become skilled at. These golf downswing tips will enable you to master the downswing and therefore play better golf.

Returning the clubface square to the ball with as much power as possible is the goal of the golf downswing. It is important to maintain good tempo and rhythm. Your lower body becomes the trigger for your downswing. Your weight has shifted to your right hip by the top of the backswing and you should be in a relaxed position.

Golf Hamburg – If you raise your left heel during the backswing, put it back firmly on the ground at the top of the downswing and maintain both feet in this position throughout impact with the ball. They are the basis of a smooth, solid swing. This will start the weight shift back to the left side. The downswing is now started by the left hip, pulling the hands, arms, and club down to the midpoint position.

Better Golf Swing

This will drop the club on a path slightly inside that of your backswing. Problems will be caused by any sudden move at this stage. Your left arm is a strong lever which will pull the clubhead back to the ball with power and accuracy. Keep it comfortably straight and don’t let it bend under pressure.

The speed of the downswing will get gradually faster as you swing down until the wrists start to uncork, the clubhead reaching the ball at terrific speed.

There is a weight transfer from right to left during the golf downswing. At impact, a little more than half of your weight should be on the inside of your left foot. Keep your head as still as possible until after you have struck the ball.

You feel the downswing with your feet. If the hip and leg actions are not accurate you will lose smoothness.

It is important, on the golf downswing that your lower body rotates correctly otherwise your hands, wrists, and arms shape the swing path. This means the clubhead moves outside the ball-to-target line at the start of the downswing before being pulled across your body from out to in. The result of this is that the clubface will not be square at impact and you will slice the ball.

At the end of your swing, your right shoulder will be closer to the target than your left and your hips will be at 90 degrees to the ball to the target line, only the toe of your right foot will be on the ground.

Keep your balance throughout; if you lose it you are trying too hard. Control your weight transfer smoothly and create controlled power. The speed of the swing should also be controlled.

These are some of the best golf tips to help you with your golf downswing.

Oktoberfest in Hamburg

Planning Oktoberfest in Hamburg – What to Know Upfront?

When you think about Germany, you think about Oktoberfest – huge pitchers, pretty girls, brass bands and dirndl dresses. Most commonly, the festival is celebrated in the Bavarian capital Munich. People travel from all over the world to attend, but then, Hamburg also offers Oktoberfest as well. Now, what should you know before you attend Oktoberfest in Hamburg?

What to expect?

Oktoberfest is one of the wildest festivals and not just in Germany, but all across Europe. There are about seven million people attending the festival in Munich – slightly less in Hamburg. Most of them are German. Once there, you will find concerts, events, shows, presentations, activities, golf clubs, traditional local clothes, lots of beer of all kinds and overall – a great time.

There are tents with entertainment services everywhere, as well as a carnival atmosphere. It feels like a theme park for adults. However, the real action is inside the tents. This is where all the good food is, traditional local music, friendly and happy people, beer, and an ecstatic atmosphere.

Oktoberfest in Hamburg

What events to attend?

From the beach club Hamburg to the smallest tent in the area, you will find lots of entertainment and a series of events. It is worth mentioning that even if you are not attending an event, there is still plenty of room to have a large beer or chill with your friends while listening to live music. The festival spreads over a couple of months, so there is always something to do around.

All in all, here are some of the most expected events at Oktoberfest.

It all starts with Karstadt Store Mönckebergstrasse around noon, and the party goes until the evening – there will be beer, live music, snacks, and games. Wandsbeker Wiesn is not to be overlooked either. The guests have access to tents and marquees with bar tapping, food, and live entertainment from September to October.

Hamburg’s largest Oktoberfest event is Bergedorfer Oktoberfest. It spreads over an entire weekend and is similar to what you can do in Munich. There will be waiters serving in traditional costumes, large glasses of beer, live music everywhere, tents with different kinds of beer, and so on. This is the kind of place where you start drinking in a tent and move from one to another having a glass everywhere.

Other notable events in the area include:

  • Hamburger Oktoberfest in der Fischauktionshalle
  • Ahrensburger Oktoberfest
  • Norderstedter Oktoberfest
  • Schenefelder Oktoberfest

How to plan Bergedorfer Oktoberfest?

Whether you have attended Oktoberfest before or this is the first time you do it, you should know that the festival opens its doors during PM hours and lasts until early AM. Oktoberfest in Hamburg spreads over three days. Most people go there to party and celebrate, have lots of beer and relax. There is lots of security, as well as some rules – for example, backpacks will be thoroughly searched through and you cannot bring large luggage. Only bring things that you need for the party.

Guests must find accommodation themselves – there is nothing on-site. What do you do until the gates open then?

Most people spend the nights at Oktoberfest and the days in town. Hamburg is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. If you want to keep drinking, there are lots of beer gardens, bars, and pubs to explore. You might as well check out some landmarks, play golf, attend a football game, check out the beach club Hamburg if the weather is still hot or just hang around the city center.

If you got kids, there are special areas where you can hang around with them – stalls with sweets and drinks for children. The festival is family-friendly and not as insane as the one in Munich when it comes to drinking. Both adults and kids will also enjoy the stunning fireworks at the end.

Final words

Bottom line, Hamburg’s Oktoberfest gains more and more popularity with every New Year. You can purchase tickets on-site or over the Internet. It may not be as crazy as the one in Munich, but it is more diversified and enjoyable, whether you are a party animal or a family person. Golf in Hamburg Click Here

Keeping Your Confidence High Whilst Learning to Play Golf – Part 2

Yes, there are easier and there are more difficult ways of creating a great shot. Yes, there is an optimal technique. BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE CONFIDENCE IN IT. As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t you are probably right”. The moral of this story is that if you feel that you have over-dosed on technique to the degree that your confidence has gone, take a sabbatical from technique and concentrate on simply hitting the ball towards your target, whilst keeping the clubface square.

It’s amazing how frequently a golfer is not aware of ball flight and where the clubface was at impact in order to have created a particular shot. And any golfer, just by becoming aware of how side spin is created, has the power to change what they are doing and truly take control of the club, and in this way, they will RETAIN THEIR CONFIDENCE.

Hamburg Golf – It is well known that children “have minds like sponges”, that they find it easier to learn and that it gets increasingly more difficult to learn as you get older. This is because up until the age of 7, during the imprinting period of development, the subconscious mind is completely open to suggestion. And from then to the age of 12, the modeling period, the conscious mind is forming, and after that, the conscious mind filters everything before it is assimilated into the subconscious.

Trainee golfers may have beliefs about whether they are good or not at sport, or golf, or good or not at learning – but these are just beliefs, nothing more. There is no need to be held back by limiting beliefs. Everyone has the power to choose to change beliefs no matter how deep-rooted they are. All individuals have a body and a mind which has similar physiology and neurology as the best golfers in the world. Athletic literature is full of examples of athletes who have excelled because of their internal desire, rather than the physical attributes such as size, strength, power or speed. There are tall golfers and short golfers, male and female golfers, young and old golfers. It is not age or body shape which prescribes ability. It is your mind which makes the difference. What the mind can perceive, the mind can believe and the mind can achieve.

Everyone has the ability to play golf well. The most important thing for a golfer is to set your own goals, and enjoy your golf – it’s a game and golf should be fun.

Unfortunately, many people overlook this fact and allow worries and fears to get in their way. Fear is something which we learn through experience. Fear of embarrassment and fear of failure result in many adults not even attempting to learn a new task. Returning to the subject of children, we are not born with fear. Think about when a baby learns to walk. How many times does that baby teeter along and then fall, and then try again, and fall over again and try again, until eventually, they can walk? If that child was worried about embarrassing him or herself, would they have learned to walk? A baby will persevere time and time again, and has absolute trust that they will be able to learn that skill – otherwise, they would not learn that skill.

The most important factor to grasp here is that what other people think doesn’t matter…but what you think does. And having confidence in what you are doing as you play golf will dictate the outcome of your shots.

Keeping Your Confidence High Whilst Learning to Play Golf – Part 1

Learning a new skill in life can seem very daunting no matter what that skill is. Golf can seem very complicated, and any budding golfer can suffer from information overload. It is so easy to get tied up in knots thinking about grip, stance and alignment, setup and ball position, tempo and balance, and so on. The club can begin to feel like an octopus in your hands…and it’s far too easy to not be able to see the wood for the trees; so let us just examine the basics of the game.

Learning Play Golf

The object of the game of golf is to get the ball from the tee to the hole, in as few a number of shots as possible, using the golf clubs to control the direction and distance in which the ball travels. So, the golfer’s aim with each shot is to progress the ball towards the hole, nothing more than that. It is far too easy to think that the goal is to have a perfect swing…each budding golfer will develop their own unique swing, with the help of guidance from their teacher AND through their OWN EXPERIENCE.

So the number one focus for every shot is to select a specific target and hit the ball towards it. For the golf ball to go in the right direction, the clubhead will need to hit the ball square, and the ball flight will tell you whether or not this has happened, and every golfer can learn from their awareness of the ball flight and can then adjust their swing so that they do hit the ball squarely. This is the second important focus.

These are the two most important things to do in golf – pick a target and aim at it, and be aware of the position of the clubhead when it connects with the ball. A baby doesn’t try to walk exactly like the adults in the house – he plainly cannot do that, he learns to walk in his own unique way. A child learns through their own experience, and through guidance. Every would-be golfer is a unique individual – having their own unique body and mind, and they will learn to play golf within this framework.

So long as thoughts are kept simple and clear, an individual will find it easy and fun to learn to play golf, so that they can truly enjoy the experience, without fear, and without getting tied up in knots.

And this is true of golfers of every handicap. The majority of golfers will relate to having experienced, at some time or another, a complete lack of confidence and loss of trust in their game. They grip the club and it just doesn’t look right, it doesn’t feel right…and they have no idea why this is the case. In the main, this is due to a lack of awareness of the basics of the game, a misdirection of focus. They are focusing on how to get a perfect angle at the top of the backswing, or keeping their wrists firm, or making sure their back is at the optimal angle, and so on. They’ve forgotten to focus on the ball and hitting it forward towards a target with a square clubface, and this is basic to any successful shot (unless you are intentionally creating side spin so as to shape the ball flight).

And so the inevitable happens, the golf shot is less than perfect, and confidence dips lower, the club is gripped harder and more focus is given once again to the other mechanical things…and a cycle of negative effect can easily occur. This is why I began this article by saying that golf can be a really tricky game to learn. It is like no other game, and learning to play golf well poses an interesting mental and physical challenge to those who care to do so. If you enjoyed reading this article please visit my golf website at

Easy Golf Instruction For Beginners

For starters, golf players are taking their instruction from one particular foot, two feet and 3 feet inside a row. Perform on these drills and ultimately abilities will probably be enhanced. The pace and manage need to be taught very carefully from the golf instruction for newbies. The moment you’ve taken your grip on a driver, you must place sufficient force on it as you possibly can. Your manager needs to be placed in giving a compact and straightforward swing to bring the ball an extended way from. You need to also possess a driver aside from the nine-iron club. Once you get to practice, it truly is recommended from the golf instruction for newbies to swing the nine-iron several occasions having a standard speed and strength until finally, you get into a rhythm. Without having to apply any diversities from speed, employ exactly the same rhythm for your driver.
Golf Instruction For Beginners
Golf instruction for newbies produced it to a point to not more than swing and modify your swing in any way amongst the shots. It could be difficult for a newbie to generate for a constant shot. The ball may be directed into any shot range with any newbie golf players on it.
The golf instruction for newbies requires a lot of recommendations and strategies to make sure the newbie to become molded correctly. It goes from correct physique stance, angle shots to placing authority more than the play. To stop you of any massive disappointment inside the finish, usually, do not make any from the strategies difficult exactly where it is possible to make it simple from the starting.
Golf is really a well-liked game for all ages. But if the shots will not be going the way you are supposed to direct it, it could be rather disappointing. Since polishing your strategies in golf cannot be completed overnight, you can find a couple of golf instruction suggestions that can support the player to increase their skill on the game.
To obtain progress in your swings, see the flaws for oneself. In case you have a buddy that will view it from the external view, is actually a useful selection. The majority of the difficulties are simply identified in this view and acquiring a buddy about to watch can help you to function on the golf instruction guidelines. The term slice from this sport is when the ball breaks inside a difficult way from the angle you attend towards the ball on when on the air. This usually gives for open clubface or open stance. If the golfer is correct handed, an open stance from the sport is actually a line tracing from the golfer’s correct shoe towards the left shoe. As an alternative to deviating proper on the target, this line makes for the left with the target.
Topping the ball kind golf implies which you are getting difficulty keeping your head down by way of your swing. This can make your shot on the ball larger than normal. That is covered and explained additionally in golf instruction guidelines together with the other fundamentals, swing flaws and drill.
Do not an overemphasis on the strategies that you simply place into practice. Golf instruction guidelines desire to preserve it easy. Should you make it one thing beyond your regular technique, you are going to discover playing golf hard to play. Read more here eSport Hamburg